Kitchen Perfection

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then The Tiffin Tin has five! All committed to upholding The Tiffin Tin dream: authentic Indian food made from high quality ingredients, cooked in a healthy way, and delivered to our customers hot and ready to be enjoyed.

West Hampstead
83 Mill Lane,
020 7431 3444

Open: 3:00 pm-11.00 pm

4 Station Parade
Wanstead, E11 1QF
020 8989 3339

Open: 3:00 pm-11.00 pm

Tuffnell Park
122 Junction Road,
N19 5LB
020 7272 7701

Open: 3:00 pm-11.00 pm


28 High Street,
N8 7NX

020 8347 7700

Open: 3:00 pm-11.00 pm

Totteridge Lane
36 Totteridge Lane,
N20 9QJ
020 8445 6638

Open: 3:00 pm-11.00 pm

Stoke Newington

123 Stoke Newington Church St, N16 0UH

020 7254 0211

Open: 12:00 pm-11.00 pm

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